Treatments – Dentures


A denture, also referred to as a palate or plate, is commonly a plastic dental appliance that has one or more false teeth on. A denture may be all plastic or a mixture of metal and plastic. Both types can have clips (clasps) incorporated into them to help keep the denture in place in your mouth.

A denture is one of the first options considered when planning to restore a space where a tooth has been lost. This is mainly due to the fact that little or no tooth destruction is required for a denture to be placed and, being a removable appliance, it can be easily cleaned.

Dentures are made to try and replicate natural teeth as best as possible and advances in plastics have allowed excellent aesthetic results to be achieved.

Dentures fulfil a functional role as they restore spaces where natural teeth have been lost with plastic teeth and so a person is able to chew in an area where it would not have otherwise been possible.

Dentures do require regular cleaning and not looking after your dentures could mean that infections within the mouth may occur.