Treatments – Children


As with an adult examination, a thorough examination or check-up is completed for children before treatment can be started. It is much less distressing to a child to treat a potential problem early rather than when a child has toothache. Regular check-ups are recommended to ensure that teeth can be maintained and potential problems have the least chance of occurring.

As children’s baby (deciduous) teeth can show potential anomalies or problems which may develop through into their adult teeth, it is very important for children to have regular check-ups so that any potential problems can be rectified and monitored.

Children’s teeth and jaws change during their lives, teeth are lost and new teeth replace them. Sometimes referral to specialists is required in order for the adult teeth to come through correctly.

As part of the examination for children the teeth are checked but there are many more components to an examination which are checked. A few are listed below:

–    Medications and medical conditions including allergies
This ensures your safety, and so that we know about any conditions which may affect your mouth. All of our patients are asked to complete a comprehensive medical history at their check-up appointment.

–    All soft tissues within the mouth including the tongue

–    Teeth
All the surfaces of the teeth are checked to ensure that decay is not forming or fillings are not failing leading to toothache.

–    Gums
The gums show the first signs of gum disease and these are checked and assessed thoroughly to ensure a diagnosis and treatment plan can be formulated.

–    Cancer Screening
This allows us to carefully check for signs of possible malignant lesions and any other illnesses. Prompt detection and treatment can greatly improve an outcome.

–   Special tests
X-rays or other special investigations are undertaken as necessary to help formulate a treatment plan and provide the correct treatment.

Only once a full examination is complete can your dentist provide you with a treatment plan and estimate.